Call Center Services

Our goal is to provide end-to-end solutions to our partners and we see Sun Payments Call Center as a valuable piece of this puzzle.

Front Office

With more than 10 years of experience in Banking, Financial institutions and Merchant Support, our customer support team has a strong know-how of the business and are trained to handle the customer requests in a highly professional manner and a customer-centric approach.

Our services

24/7 Inbound calls and tickets / Debit and Credit card support / E-commerce support / Loyalty, Meal and Vacation cards / 1st Level transaction analysis / 1st Level ATM&POS support / 1st and 2nd Level Merchant Support / 24/7 System Monitoring / Reporting

Back Office

Sun Payments backoffice team, in close collaboration with our partners, evaluate and implement secure workflows and processes compliant with high security standards that allows us to provide a tailored range of support.

Our services

mPOS Operational and Technical support / KYC checks - Know Your Customer - for Individuals and Corporate customers / Disputes and Chargebacks – Issuing and Acquiring

Know Your Customer - KYC - should be a mandatory requirement which enables both parties to establish a trustworthy business relationship but, the most important, helps to prevent fraud and helps evaluating the risks they pose.

Main 3 KYC steps for any financial institution or business

Collect data from customer and accurately confirm his identity

Check the validity of the documents and financial activities

Asses the risk level and apply the appropriate policy

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